About Me

I am a developmental/social/cultural psychologist with strong interests in the complete state model of mental health. My scholarly interests fall into five general areas: identity, parental involvement, cultural processes, intrinsic motivation, and prevention/promotion.
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Personal Identity:

I am interested in the structure of identity across ethnic groups, the interrelationships among various conceptions of identity, and the relationships of identity to indices of positive and negative psychosocial functioning.

Parental Involvement:

I am interested in the structure of parental involvement across ethnic groups, the ways in which young people recollect their mothers and fathers and their parents’ role in their present-day life, and the effects of divorce and nonresident status on mother and father involvement and on its effects on young people’s functioning.

Cultural Processes:

I am interested in refining the study of acculturation, in the structure of cultural identification across ethnic groups, and in the relationships of cultural processes to well-being, distress, and other psychosocial outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood.

Intrinsic Motivation:

I am interested in the types of activities that young people find intrinsically motivating, in the variables that predict a subjective sense of intrinsic motivation, and in promoting intrinsic motivation as a way of fostering thriving and preventing problem behaviors in young people.


I am interested in the principles that underlie successful substance abuse and HIV prevention for adolescents, in the confluence between problem prevention and competence promotion, and in the extent to which we can prevent problematic outcomes by promoting competence and thriving.

Curriculum Vita

Personal: Married to wife Lisa since 2000.

Two daughters, Angelica (born 3/21/03) and Alexia (born 8/17/05)